The Pact

Reg and Maggie have been together for the last 10 years and seem like a normal elderly couple but their relationship is more complex than what meets the eye. They share a past of friendship and grief and a present that is filled with frustration beacuse of Reg’s detterating health. The film follows the last months of Maggie and Reg’s relationship and explores the pact that has led them together. Ultimately this is a story of a generation and working class culture where a promise is a promise and you stik to that.

Director Michael Graversen
Cienmatography Michael Graversen
Editor Carmela Iandoli
Sound Design Raoul Brand
Sound Recordist Mick Kearney

A stunning film, really well shot. Really well researched over many, many hours, far beyond conventional filmmakers’ normal investment in their subjects. He has a real documentarist’s eye for a subtle story
– Roger Graef, CEO Films of Record


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