Ingenmandsland (No Man’s Land)

An ideal honest and elegant yet homble expression of human despair and hopelessness in a glow of lightgreen hope
– Tobias Lynge Herler, PHILM.DK, 5*****


Center Jægerspris is an Asylum Centre for children who have fled to Denmark without their parents. The Centre houses 40 kids between 10-18 years of which the majority has fled from Afghanistan, Iran and Africa.

The asylum process takes years to reach a verdict leaving the kids in a Limbo. Daily tensions and frustrations are projected on to the staff and several kids develop mental problems from the uncertainty and waiting.

The film follows an intense couple of days at the Centre where the staff are preparing to give three boys a final rejection on asylum.

The camera travels in and out of situations at the Centre creating an impressionistic view on the endless waiting and how it affects the boys and the staff.

Director Michael Graversen
Cinematography Michael Graversen
Editor Michael Chiappa
Composer Alex Harwood
Sound Design Raoul Brand
Length: 29 mins.

Festivals and awards:

• Official Selection, IDFA
• Winner, Best Film in 14+ category at Mo&Friese International Children’s Film Festival
• Winner, Diploma at Tehran International Short Film Festival
• Winner, Human Hope Prize, Human District – International Human Rights Film Festival
• Nominated, Best Documentary, Grand OFF World Independent Films Awards
• Thessaloniki International Documentary Film Festival
• Watch Docs International Human Rights Film Festival
• Belo Horizonte International Short Film Festival
• Afghanistan International Human Rights Film Festival
• Dokkino – Documentary Film Event for Children and Youth
• Bornshorts International Film Festival
• BUFF – International Children’s Film Festival
• Freedom Film Festival, Malaysia
• Buster – Copenhagen International Children and Youth Film Festival
• SPOT Festival, Århus
• NAFA – Ethnographic Film Festival
• Odense International Film Festival
• Uppsala International Short Film Festival
• World Film Festival, Estonia
• Salaam DK
• Cellu l’art short Film Festival
• Olympia International Film Festival
• International Bosphorus Film Festival

• DR2 Dagen
• Information
• Kulturnyt P1
• Filmland P1
• TV2 Lorry
• Aftenshowet DR1
• Jyske Vestkysten
• Ekko
• Radio24syv
• Politiken


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