In conversation at the Afghan Film Festival

I have been invited to join Manilla Ghafuri and Samira Nawa in a conversation about the escape from Afghanistan. The talk on the 18th of April at Cinemateket will be held after the screening of three afghani short films at the first ever Afghan Film Festival to be held in Denmark.


Dreaming of Denmark shortlisted for a One World Media award

Dreaming of Denmark has been shortlisted for a One World Media Award in the Refugee Reporting category. Along with the BBC series “Exodus: Journey to Europe” and other productions from France 24, Reuters and my dok incubator friends Lieven Corthouts and Emmy Oosts film “The Invisible City – Kakuma”.

Radio programme with personal subject

I participated in Radio24Syv programme Mikrofonholder together with Nanette Quistorff in an hour-long intimate conversation about my child cancer and her work and reflections at the children’s hospice Lukashuset.


Dokumentaristen Michael Graversen blev meget tidligt konfronteret med sin egen død, da han som 4 årig fik konstateret kræft med 50 procent chance for at overleve. Han blev kureret, men har sidenhen i hans voksenliv genoplevet den dødsangst, han blev bevidst om som ganske lille. I Lukashuset, Danmarks første børnehospice, taler han med afdelingssygeplejerske Nanette Quistorff, der hver eneste dag må forholder sig til og takle det faktum, at selv børn kan dø.

Illegal immigrants and rejected asylum seekers

I participated in an interview in the news feature programme P1 Orientering. The reason was the recent news that Stockholm terrorist was a rejected asylum seeker. I spoke about the illegal immigrants and rejected asylum seekers in Denmark.


Unaccompanied Minors and Deportation

Global Refugee Studies, Aalborg University held a conference titled “Unaccompanied Minors and Deportation. I screened “Dreaming of Denmark” and participated in a panel debate and interview about the issue of unaccompanied minors facing deportation.


“Close the Children’s Asylum Centres”

I wrote an opinion piece in danish newspaper Berlingske and participated in Radio24Syv Morgen in respons to the political pressure for sanctions towards the unaccompanied asylum seekers at the asylum centres. In stead of having asylum centres for children I think you should focus on little cottages with fewer children and more staff for each child leaving more room for the pedagogical work.


Recent proposals for political sanctions and curfews unveils ignorance and unwillingness to fundamentally understand who the young unaccompanied asylum seekers are and the “baggage” and cultural language they carry with them.